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Twizel Auto & Marine Centre strives for innovation and bringing its customers the best service for a competitive price. We have now extended our offered services to ECU remapping to bring options tailored to suit your application. Talk to us about your goals and we can supply the parts to enhance your vehicle and make the tuning even more effective than in stock applications.

Stage 1

Stage 1 tuning offers an adjustment of the ECU and fueling to offer more fuel-efficient vehicles for their service life. Many other tuners require you to pay extra for EGR and DPF delete solutions however we have a single set fee with can be combined with the stage 1 tune offered by us.

Stage 2

Stage 2 tuning offers benefits of stage one as long as you lay off the loud pedal. Fueling is adjusted and at cruise and idle fuel consumption is reduced. Under load conditions stage 2 provides more power in both diesel and petrol applications. Torque gains can be immense in modern common rail diesel applications so talk to us about unleashing the inner beast in your vehicle without compromising on reliability.


Twizel Auto & Marine are now able to offer EGR & DPF removal solutions for most diesel vehicles on the road. Diesel particulate filters have a service life even if the engine is service with the correct SAPS rated oil. NZ currently has no regulation around the removal of these systems and the cost of replacing is usually thousands of dollars. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and we will find a solution for you.

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